Product: CBD + Tea Beverages

Manufactured by: Sol-Ti – San Diego, CA
Presentations: 15.5 fl oz
Flavors: Hibiscus Lime, Ginger Lemon and Peach Lemon.


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(formerly Canopy San Diego)

A venture capital fund with private equity stakes in software as a service (SaaS) companies,
event management and media platforms, eTraining and Ad networks, Renewable Energy
and Healthcare solutions, and Durable Goods.

All the portfolio companies service the quickly expanding legal cannabis industry.
They are considered cannabis-ancillary companies.

CSD16 Companies:


Indo-Lifestyle brand designs and sells high quality, high end herb & tobacco accouterments for the discriminating connoisseur.


A secure mobile health platform that allows you to more easily track your loved one’s overall health, symptoms, triggers, treatment plans, medications (including cannabis), side effects, and outcomes. Using data analysis to give you instant feedback, you can now more easily make sense of all the information.


A platform for licensed operators, focused on consumer data. The platform features customer experience software, online ordering, and CRM features.

Direct Cannabis Network

The leading digital news network covering startups, entrepreneurs and innovation in the legal cannabis industry.

Event Hi

Cannabis event platform to create and coordinate Cannabis events for the Cannabis community. Use our easy ticketing system, sponsor, and sell merchandise.

Icarus RT

A low-cost power boosting and energy storage system for commercial and utility scale solar PV systems that improves system performance and the ROI of solar investments.

Lodestone Data Technologies

Provides an innovative grow management, inventory, and analytics platform that leverages radio-frequency identification (RFID), dramatically lowering labor costs, minimizing human error, and maximizing efficiency.

MJ Hybrid Solutions

An online sales training and cannabis education program for dispensary teams, product companies, and all sales professionals in the cannabis space.


A feedback and customer experience management platform for retail cannabis.

Traffic Roots

Connects the gap between digital display advertising and the modern lifestyle. Traffic Roots helps you create ads tailored to your audience’s interests, habits, and location, with a 100% fill-rate.


A dispensary store software system that incorporates inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer relationship management on one platform.


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