Market & Distribution Visibility

Seeing is believing

We provide brand owners with a proven method to generate visibility for their brand at the point of sale and throughout the distribution chain. With our methodology, it is simple to collect complete data from multiple sources of information and summarize it in a way that helps the brand make data-driven decisions. One database. One dashboard. One goal.


    We identify the presence, price, promotion, market penetration, product placement, and brand power in the target market at each link of the supply chain, including the point of sale.


    We perform pre-or post-shipment audits to ensure that the order shipped or delivered complies with the preset conditions.


    We ensure that a brand is always available at the point of sale and with the correct pricing, guaranteeing that no sales are lost due to a lack of presence.

Our Approach
  • 1. Collect Data

    We define data sets before we collect, not afterward, so we don’t waste time collecting irrelevant or insufficient data or cleaning data.

  • 2. Build Data

    Our visualizations result from combined data from many sources in our database, so you never pay for data that hasn’t been filtered, structured, and directed to the dashboard.

  • 3. Real-time Dashboard

    The data is integrated into a dashboard ready to be analyzed to support data-driven decisions. The dashboard can also track macro and micro indicators at the category, country, and regional level.

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Gui Cunha

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