Forex and Cash Flow Management

Helping companies optimize their foreign currency cash flow

The Forex & Cash Flow Management service offers companies the best way to get the most out of their global transactions. maxiaNET helps companies understand their cash flow cycle, finance their operations, and reduce their tax and general expenses.

Service offerings

  • Cash Flow Management

    Mapping of the entire distribution cash flow cycle and matching the credit term to provide for 50%+ cash-in-hand from sales prior to payment of supplier.

  • Tax Abatement

    Invoicing for services and platforms apart from products requiring tariff payments allows for importers to reduce their cash expenses and the gap in the cycle.

  • Forex Services

    Providing a fixed local price for goods imported over a period of 6 months by projecting the gross forex variance over the period, pegging the local price at +50% of the variance, and varying the supply side invoice according to the forex paid by the local partner.

  • End-to-end credit financing

    Delivering a solution for every transaction in the supply chain by inviting other lenders to participate in their segment of expertise. The combined effect of the credit should stimulate a greater amount of productivity than the cost of the financing, resulting in a net gain to the local economy.