Consumer & Channel Education

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maxiaNET’s Consumer & Channel Education service has two main focuses: The first is to improve the skills, competencies, and tools of the internal team of an organization with the goal of increasing the overall company performance in the market. While the second is to make consumers more knowledgeable about the products of a brand to increase brand awareness.

  • Channel Education

    We provide training for industry personnel on brand and product-specific information, use and maintenance of specialized equipment, brand sales, product service protocols, and more.

  • Consumer Education

    We organize events at the point of sale focused on a specific brand or product to increase consumer awareness, promote a positive consumer experience, encourage consumer engagement. This form of education is essential to build a trusting relationship between brand and consumer.

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Our Approach
  • 1. Access Experts

    Our reliance on expertise helps us provide valuable learning experiences. By providing anecdotal evidence instead of simple information, we allow learners to expand their knowledge and make sense of their understanding.

  • 2. Create Engagement

    We firmly believe that engaging the learners in their education helps motivate them to be active learners and promote a meaningful learning experience.

  • 3. Align brand goals with training objectives

    We set up SMART objectives that promote your brand goals while aligning with the expected training outcome. We don’t dawdle; we are here to make brands achieve their marketing targets.

Victor Lucia

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