Stone Special Releases

We pride ourselves on brewing the beers that we like to drink and like our tastes, this is always evolving. These special releases are a reflection of our drive to branch out, break convention, and celebrate the art of brewing. Fitting to its name, we pull out special recipes for special times of the year and seek special ingredients for certain yearly releases to create odd beers for odd years.

Available Once a Year or One-Year Only

Stone Notorious P.O.G. Berliner Weisse
Stone I’m Peach Double IPA
Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA
Stone White Geist Berliner Weisse
Stone Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA
Stone Virtuale IPA
Stone Ale
Stone Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout
Stone Espresso Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout
Stone Loral & Dr. Rudi’s Inevitable Adventure Double IPA
Stone Got Mad Hops IPA
Stone Ruinten Triple IPA w/Orange Peel & Vanilla Bean
Stone Grapefruit Slam IPA
Stone Ruinten Triple IPA Double Dry-Hopped w/Centennial & Citra
Stone Xocoveza Stone Hop Revolver IPA
Stone Needle in a Haze Stack Double IPA
Stone Mint Coffee Milk Stout
Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station 5th Anniversary IPA
Stone Vanilla Bean Porter
Stone Ruinten Triple IPA
Stone Smoked Porter w/Chocolate & Orange Peel
Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA
Stone Smoked Porter w/Chipotle Peppers
Stone Imperial Russian Stout
Matt’s Burning Rosids Imperial Cherrywood-Smoked Saison
2016 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine Dry-Hopped With Pekko Hops
Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout
Stone Saison Stone Old Guardian Oak-Smoked Barley Wine
Stone Chai-Spiced Imperial Russian Stout
Stone Smoked Porter w/Vanilla Bean
Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine – Extra Hoppy
Stone Belgo Anise Imperial Russian Stout
Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine
Stone Old Guardian Belgo Barley Wine
Stone Do These Hops Make my Beer Look Big? IPA
Sawyer’s Triple