Competir con los grandes


The Mexican customer has shown a growing appetite for high-quality craft beverages; even during confinement, there was an increase in craft beer consumption. Stone Brewing knew this but required a business partner to guarantee that the product would be delivered without losing its quality.

That is why, hand in hand with maxiaNET, Stone worked tirelessly to build a network of allies to preserve the ideal temperature of its beers. All intending to deliver a product with the flavor, texture, and color that the consumer expects.


Even though Stone Brewing already had a presence in several border cities in Mexico, there were differences in the prices between retailers. There was no system to monitor and ensure price consistency, product placement or price promotions at the sales points. Even worse, the distribution network was not capable of providing a temperature-controlled transportation and delivery service, which meant that the product’s quality was deeply affected by the time it reached consumers’ tables.

All of the above promoted customer dissatisfaction and a brand perception very different from the one Stone Brewing had managed to build over years of hard work in other markets. When maxiaNET joined the conversation, we knew what it took to correct this situation.


First and foremost, maxiaNET had to solve the problem of delivering the product to the highest quality standards. To achieve this, we built a resilient cold chain distribution network, capable of guaranteeing that from the time the product leaves Stone Brewing in San Diego, California, to the moment it reaches each store, the beer always retains the right temperature: in a range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Given that we are the only authorized Stone Brewing distributor in Mexico, we can ensure that the product has a consistent pricing and placement strategy. In addition, thanks to a strategic combination of technology and market knowledge, we can monitor what happens at each sales point to deliver reliable and transparent information.


This joint effort has yielded results: Stone Brewing’s craft beers are currently distributed in Mexico’s most significant metropolitan areas, including Tijuana, Los Cabos, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mexico City, and the Yucatan Peninsula.

And the work is not over: now, the focus is on increasing sales volume and product variety. The idea is that the product will have widespread availability in a short time so that consumers can find it easily, just when they are craving a cold, refreshing, high-quality craft beer.