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Investment in visibility: a guaranteed ROI


End-to-end supply chain visibility and the ability to track every stage of a product’s journey, from sourcing raw materials to end-of-life, is imperat...

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The power of brands investing in visibility solutions


A couple of years ago, cost reduction and productivity optimization drove investment in supply chain processes. These factors, while still important, ...

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Real-time visibility is possible.

Real-time visibility is possible

We know that transparency and visibility are crucial for the supply chain, especially during a time of pandemic and geopolitical conflicts that threat...

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Data, the name of the game in the supply chain


When external factors, such as weather events or global epidemics threaten to affect commodity flows, data becomes a tool that not only provides certa...

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maxiaNET launches Market & Distribution Visibility solution

Visibility Launch SCM

After a successful pilot with the world’s largest food company, maxiaNET can deliver a world-class service for CPG companies who look for having prese...

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Holidays Impacting Foreign Trade: Chinese New Year


Most people have already heard about Chinese New Year, a holiday based on the Chinese calendar. According to Travel China Guide, the Chinese New Year ...

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