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Multiplica tus rendimientos con Category Management, una estrategia sencilla para incrementar la rentabilidad


Es común que en las tiendas minoristas coloquen los productos en los anaqueles utilizando metodologías tradicionales con herramientas como el planogra...

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Última Milla eficiente y segura: un servicio esencial para la industria de Cerveza Artesanal


La cerveza es la bebida alcohólica más popular en el mundo. En América Latina, Panamá es líder en el consumo de cerveza con un estimado de 372 botella...

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10 considerations when purchasing a visibility system


By Guilherme Cunha, Director of Business Development at maxiaNET Visibility is a fundamental component of modern supply chain management; beyond prov...

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The holiday season is just around the corner: Is your company ready?


The countdown to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Santa’s gifts, and the end of the year starts now for retailers and CPG brands. After two years of tur...

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The virtuous circle that feeds supply chains

Los desafíos que enfrenta la última milla en la cadena de frío

The world is learning to navigate the uncertainty of global events: although it is not yet clear what the next disruption will be, we now know that th...

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Factors that will affect your operation this year and a big opportunity


Based on the most recent challenges and current trends, the leaders of the various Supply Chains will have to face different challenges to maintain th...

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Three basic considerations when choosing your ideal business partner

Partnership among three young businessmen

In the coming  months, manufacturers and buyers of various goods will be forced to restructure their supply chains, and to choose new business pa...

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