maxiaNET has a network of over 130 partners in 16 countries who work under a mutual agreement of transparency, productivity, and shared goals. maxiaNET is committed to promoting the following partner goals:

  1. Increase revenue
  2. Control risks
  3. Create brand value

maxiaNET’s partner network is made up of companies from every part of the supply chain, including manufacturers, logistic providers, distributors, and retailers. Acting as a control tower, maxiaNET can leverage this global network to create trusting, lasting, and successful relationships.

The manufacturers in our network are committed to delivering high-quality products to the end consumer. That’s why they work with us so we can make sure that all the steps involved in their downstream supply chain are developed according to the best quality standards of the industry. These are some of the manufacturers that are part of our network:

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Steve Mackey
Director – Portfolio & Distribution Management

Finding the right distribution partner for a product is not a simple task, and it gets more complicated when a company is not familiarized with the market. maxiaNET has different distribution partners that can cover every type of product need. From placing products on the biggest retail markets in Chile, to distributing beer at local taprooms in Mexico, maxiaNET has a partner that can fulfill every distribution need your product may have.

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Eric Gomez

No supply chain is complete without the retailers. Having good relationships with the biggest retailer chains, as well as with convenience stores, restaurants, bars, and hotels, makes maxiaNET’s retail network one of the best in Latin America. We can help your brand reach your target customer wherever they want to buy.

These are some of the retailers we work with across Latin America:

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Emilio Rocha
Key Account Manager

Our logistic partners are distributed across 16 different countries, which gives us the power to take brands from regional to global markets. These partners are committed to following any product-specific requirements, including temperature and light-sensitive products.

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Luis M. Huerta
Director – Cold Chain, Logistics & Operations