We represent Market-Leading Brands
in their Foreign Market Expansion

Our Mission is to Become The Best Distribution Company in The World

MaxiaNET becomes increasingly efficient with every product, partner, and market we serve. This growing efficiency provide benefits to everyone in the network.We offer superior ocean freight rates, market knowledge, category strategy, promotion planning and partner selection that companies attempting to expand on their own. Join our network.


maxiaNET offers extensive support in order processing, logistics coordination, market strategy, and distribution chain management.


We have experienced growth in 23 of 25 years. Our brands have market leadership in the over half the markets where they are present.


Our guides have conducted business in over 70 countries worldwide. We are comprised of multinational and multi-discipline professionals.

Selected Brands

We are careful in our selection of brands. We work with quality brands that are committed to supporting international expansion.

Why us?

We have established a reliable and effective distribution network, with partners that are committed to our long-term goals. We open and maximize additional revenue channels for our brands.

We have established sales and marketing best practices through decades of representing brands in various markets. We ensure we enter markets with the best partners and long-term plan for success.

Market research, pricing /margin control, product compliance, logistics, marketing strategy, competitor analysis, distributor selection and management are daily duties in representing your brand.