maxiaNET launches Market & Distribution Visibility solution


  • After a successful pilot with the world’s largest food company, maxiaNET can deliver a world-class service for CPG companies who look for having presence in Latin America
  • The pilot revealed retail conditions in 6 countries and 5 categories, for 16 of the conglomerate’s internationally distributed CPG brands. 

Who is maxiaNET?

maxiaNET is a supply chain design and solutions company based in the United States; however, the majority of its operations are carried out in Latin America, solving unique problems for multinational CPG companies that represent the top 3 in food and beverage worldwide. 

What is Market & Distribution Visibility solution?

The Market & Distribution Visibility service delivers actionable marketplace information, shelf and product photos, and distribution status by analyzing a brand’s Presence, Price, Promotion, Placement, Penetration, and Power (the maxiaNET 6P’s) across indexed channels and regions, until the data and images reveal the future path of the brand. 

Why develop a Market & Distribution Visibility solution?

10 out of 20 US brand owners receive no regular or structured sales reports from their foreign market partners.  9 out of 20 conduct expensive market visits or place employees in foreign markets permanently.  For the 5% that receive regular reports, the data is 45 days old and contain no market indicators.

For multinational brand owners, the shelf is much more complicated.  Production units, commercial units, and 3rd parties often compete for shelf space, within the very same brand.

It is necessary to have a full understanding of what it takes to acquire data across channels in 6 countries in a short period of time. Proper data acquisition tools, local relationships, reliable partners, and market experience allows maxiaNET to provide a complete market visibility solution for a brand partner in weeks. The distinct ability to service countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia must be taken into consideration.  Very few companies have the resources and desire to provide services in those markets.

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