maxiaNET is a supply chain design, management, and investment firm.

We solve underlying problems in the CPG industry and align the interests of producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers to build resilient supply chains in North, South, and Central America.

Our packaged services include: Portfolio Management & Distribution, Market & Distribution Visibility, Cold chain Logistics & Systems, Channel & Consumer Education, Cash Flow & FOREX Management, and Import & Export Control.




Portfolio Management & Distribution

Corporate strategy, Brand and product portfolio management, and complete distribution throughout Latin America.


Market & Distribution Visibility

Market and shelf visibility, distribution performance monitoring via price, promotion, placement, penetration, and power indicators.


Cold Chain, Logistics & Systems

Dry and cold Chain freight, temperature and geolocation monitoring systems, refrigeration systems at points of consumption, milestone supervising.


Consumer & Channel Education

Channel and consumer training on product quality and good practices, tastings sessions with consumers and the public, product knowledge promotion.


Forex and Cash Flow Management

Mapping of the entire distribution cash flow cycle and matching the credit term and providing a solution for every transaction in the supply chain.


Import, Export & Controls

Reduce and manage risks while ensuring compliance.