maxiaNET is a US-based business development company

We help brands create new revenue in foreign markets. We distribute various consumer goods to countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our focus is on volume and market leadership.

maxiaNET serves as an incubator for international trade

We are open to partnerships with producers, distributors, freight providers, sales agents, creditors, merchandisers and entrepreneurs. Bring us your ideas.



Better use of Resources and Funds

We allocate resources across markets as needed, addressing issues quickly and preventing waste.

Better Planning

We prioritize sales and marketing objectives across markets depending on regional needs.

More efficient and consistent market

Plans are consistent across markets, creating more brand awareness and benefiting from scale.


Long Term Consistency

We ensure consistency in strategy across regions, adjusting to local market developments.


Save Time

We serve as your single point of contact for the region, simplifying management for all your divisions (production, accounting, marketing).

No Credit Risk

Invoice one US-based company for all foreign markets, eliminating payment and forex risk.