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Fresh is better: what conditions is your product in today?

maxiaNET offers supply chain management for products that need to be handled at specific temperatures, and maintains the highest quality and control standards. Thanks to our extensive experience, logistics network, and distribution partners, we can guarantee optimal conditions at every stage of the process.

  • Cold Storage

    With a broad network of refrigerated warehouses and state-of-the-art technology to monitor product conditions, we can quickly correct any deviations from the standards and make sure your product reaches the final consumer in the utmost condition.

  • Long-haul freight

    We have extensive experience carrying products that require refrigeration. Our team of experts can manage any risks associated with cold chains and are able to monitor the product’s location and temperature during long-hauls.

  • Short-haul freight

    We can also transport products over short distances, guaranteeing temperature control and solve any arising issues.

  • Last-mile delivery

    We take care of the last part of transport with the highest sanitation standards and practices for the food and beverage industry.

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Our Approach
  • 1. Reach

    Our specialized cold chain network allows us to ensure that your product arrives in the best conditions to every region in Mexico.

  • 2. Technology

    We integrate the right technologies to manage your cold chain with the best quality standards. We offer brands access to real-time information about their products, including geographical location, light exposure, and temperature.

  • 3. Service

    We have the processes and talent to manage your cold chain, from labeling to shelf placement. Your product will always be fresh in our hands.

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